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Defence Health Fund FAQs

Provider agrees to offer the following options:

  • One complete pair of no gap glasses, which includes single vision, bifocal, or multifocal lenses, scratch-resistant coating, and UV protective coating; lens will be equivalent quality to the VSP Australia white label lens range;
    • A minimum of 10 adult frames and 6 children's frames must be available
  • or

  • A free pair of glasses if the member purchases their first pair of glasses outside the No Gap packages
    • The free pair of glasses includes a frame from the $149 designer range and basic single vision, hard coated, scratch resistant, and UV protective lenses.
    • The free second pair of glasses does not have to be the same prescription as the first pair, but they have to be for the same patient.

    The following discounts apply to contact lenses and lens add-ons:

    • 15% off all in store contact lenses.
    • 20% off of all lens add-ons (Examples include, but are not limited to: anti-reflective coating, high index lenses above 1.5 basic, lens tints, mirror tints, etc.).

    Please note:

    • Sunglasses without prescription (plano sunglasses) are excluded.
    • UV Coating is covered on all lenses. When entering the lenses into HiCaps, do not include UV as a line item - with or without a dollar amount.


As a member of the VSP network, you are automatically a Defence provider. Simply follow the guidelines for administering member benefits. No further action is necessary.

Yes, as a member of the Defence provider network, the practice must display a mutually agreed upon representation of Defence at each location that is viewable from the outside of the store and within the store.