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VSP Vision Care FAQs

  • VSP was founded in 1955 as a not-for-profit organisation to promote independent optometry through group health care systems. VSP was formed by a group of California optometrists on the belief that independent optometry offers the highest quality vision care. VSP contracts with employers, health funds, and directly with consumers to promote vision examinations and ophthalmic eyewear, including contact lenses. Most of the contracts include funding schemes to encourage use.
  • VSP is the largest optical benefit provider in the US. With more than 42,000 clients, 28,000 network optometrists, and 58 million covered members, 1 in 6 people in the US have VSP cover. VSP also operates in Canada, the UK, and Ireland.
  • VSP programs support independent optometry by directing patient care to independent optometrists who participate in VSP networks.

Yes, VSP is a not-for-profit organisation governed by a board of directors; the majority of whom are independent optometrists. VSP does not have shareholders or owners. Although we are a not-for-profit organisation, we still must earn profits in order to grow. All profits are invested into the growth of the company, whose mission is to support independent optometry.

  • As a VSP provider, your practice will be promoted to our contracted health funds' members.
  • You will be listed in health fund and VSP online directories, as appropriate.
  • VSP will conduct periodic marketing campaigns, independently or in coordination with the health funds, to drive new members to your practice.
  • Your practice can benefit by an increase in new patients through health fund member marketing, as well as by retaining current patients who may otherwise elect to choose a different provider who is in their optical network.
  • VSP will work with the health funds to communicate to their members, promoting the VSP network. This may include such tactics as marketing campaigns, advertisements, newsletter content, social media outreach, and website content.
  • VSP will provide you with in-store signage to further promote your participation in the network.
  • We will offer special promotions only available through VSP Network Optometrists.

VSP contracts with 28 health funds across the country providing access to over 6.5 million health fund members.

  • Provide discounts according to the specific health fund agreement.
  • Carry a selection of no gap frames and provide the selection at the fixed no gap reimbursements.

Discounts are required by the health funds in order to provide member value consistent with their optical benefit. Your participation within the health funds will motivate their members to visit your practice instead of retail chains.

No, this is not a requirement and is up to the practice's discretion.

VSP will not receive any funding from the health funds to administer and market the programme. The programme's only means of financial support is through the promotion of VSP Australia products.

  • Yes, members may choose any frame brand in your practice.
  • The VSP Australia supply chain provides you with quality lens and frame products with great efficiency and value to help support your profitability. Your support of VSP Australia products helps us to support you.

Eye health is part of overall wellness. The health funds, and VSP, believe strongly that Australians should have UV protection if glasses are worn outdoors. UV is to be included in all lenses at no cost to health fund members nor charge the health fund.

Additionally, VSP Australia agrees to furnish untreated lenses with the UV application at no cost if the provider chooses to use the VSP Australia supply chain.

*UV Coating is covered on all lenses. When entering the lenses into HiCaps, do not include UV as a line item - with or without a dollar amount.

Yes, but by using the VSP Optical Lab Sydney you access a number of benefits:

  • Subsidy on the second pair offer*
  • Complimentary UV coating on all lenses
  • Campaign subsidies on seasonal promotions
Contact your Account Manager to know more about the VSP Optical Lab Sydney

*Subject to rewards level

You will use current electronic claiming service such as HICAPS, I Soft or Suncorp health fund terminal for eligibility and claims. Claims will be sent directly to the health fund.

You can view the patient's eligibility in the electronic claiming system.

Currently, the only true way is to file the claim and view in the electronic claiming system.


  • Yes, please follow the directions listed below. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact Phillip Arnold on 0408 210 967.
  • To ensure correct Supplier details for VSP Optics in Sunix:
    • Go to: Maintenance - Supplier Details - List
    • Search for the Marchon Eyewear (or VSP) record (Note that the code may actually be "GEN", "VSP" or "MAR")
    • Click: Select - Modify
    • Change the Supplier Name to Marchon Eyewear, if it still refers to General Optical or VSP Australia
    • In the email section, change the email to
    • Click save
  • To submit job to VSP Optics using Sunix:
    • Go to Spec job detail screen choosing a Marchon frame and VSP Optics lens.
    • Click Email order button (bottom right)
    • Choose option one Lens order and frame

No, we do not require free DRI.

No, provided the owners or directors of the different practices are the same. However, you must complete a separate Practice Location information form for each to be considered an approved provider location.

No, VSP has no plans to open retail stores in Australia.

  • Yes, we expect VSP providers will promote their health fund preferred provider status to current and prospective new patients.
  • Logos are available for download on our website. Please do not alter the logo or create your own VSP logos.

You are not obligated to continue your participation and may discontinue at any time. We only ask that you give us appropriate notice as included in the contract agreement.