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5 Visionary New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! With the dawn of a new year, we often reflect on the year past, and resolve to better ourselves for the year ahead. We focus on aspects like our overall health and wellbeing, our careers and our social and personal goals, but we very rarely focus on the one thing that helps us see it all through, our eyes!

Here are 5 simple things we can do every day to take care of our eye health in 2020.

1. Keep up a Good Diet

These days it's fairly easy to obtain the nutrients your eyes need through a healthy diet. For example, dark leafy greens, avocados, carrots, and fish, are all eye-friendly foods. Focusing on a balanced diet high in fruits and vegetables will help you ward off eye disease and keep your vision clear.

Drinking plenty of water each day also helps to keep our organs working properly and it helps to maintain our tear quality. Our eyes are surrounded by fluid, which protects them by washing away debris and dust when we blink. Overall, staying hydrated is one aspect of nutrition that helps maintain a healthy balance of fluid around the eye.

2. Be Active

You can't live a healthy lifestyle without being active. Did you know exercise is also a factor in maintaining healthy vision? Sticking to a regular fitness schedule can help prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other conditions that can affect your eyes. Staying active and sticking to an exercise routine also cuts down on the time you spend with digital devices, which has become a growing concern for eye health.

3. Reduce Screen Time

Staring at a phone, television, or computer screen can cause eye strain. It's important to give your eyes a break during the day. Practice the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break, and look at something at least 20 feet (6 metres) away. This trick should keep the strain on your eyes in check.

4. Wear Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from harmful sunlight is the easiest way to keep your eyes healthy. Your eyes, very much like your skin, need protection from harmful UV rays all year round, not just in the summer. It's important to defend your eyes just like your skin, so every time you lather on sunscreen, think about shielding your eyes from the sun too. Prolonged exposure to UV light can contribute to cataracts and macular degeneration. Luckily, sunglasses are a simple way to get the defence your eyes need—just be sure to always wear sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

5. Get a Comprehensive Eye Exam

The most important thing you can do for your eyes is to get a comprehensive eye exam. As you age, you may notice your eyes changing. Whether it's a prescription change or an age-related eye disease like glaucoma or cataracts, your VSP network optometrist can help you with a treatment plan. If you make it a priority to get regular eye checks, your optometrist will be able to keep track of your vision changes over time to keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

You can easily find your nearest VSP network optometrist on the Find a Provider page of our VSP Vision Care website.